Dumbest film ever?

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Smooching in Tescos last night, I was surprised to find a film in the DVD section called Tip Toes (Rotten Tomatoes link), starring Matthew McConaughey, Kate Beckinsale, Gary Oldman and Patricia Arquette.

The plot appears to revolve around the fact that McConaughey and Oldman are twins, but that Oldman is a dwarf and McConaughey has “issues” about coming from a family of dwarfs. Kind of like Rain Man of Restricted Growth.

It sounds awful and I’m sure was never released in this country (2003). The fact that this line, delivered by Kate Beckinsale, is the most memorable thing anyone can remember about it, probably says it all:

So you had a circle jerk with a bunch of little people? I would love to see that!

Anyone else come across any bizarre films that sunk without trace yet have star-studded casts?

UPDATE: I have been asked to clarify whether I was “smooching” in Tescos or rather “mooching.” I am happy to explain that it was the latter.

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