If the cap fits…

Alex Wilcock has given me a new tagline: “crass, boorish and more a bruiser than blogger.

Moi? I’m a pussycat! Still, I should use this opportunity to plug his three excellent articles on the leadership contenders: Let Ming Be Ming, Simon: Think Before You Open Your Mouth and Chris: Fill in the Person, Not the Policy. I’m not convinced after reading these posts, especially the Ming one, that I’m the only “bruiser” out there.


  1. Oh, it’s just a love-in, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the plug – and of course I knew you’d be much more tickled by those words than the nice ones about you that I also posted. That’s why I put them in 😉

    I’m trying to think of a more genteel word than ‘bruiser’, myself. After all, I use a great many reasonably polite words to be very rude about people, rather than a few very rude ones…

  2. Aw, he’s a pussycat really! 🙂

    Excellent articles Alex – hitting several nails on the head.

    On environmental tax I think you may’ve got Chris slightly wrong. I’ll claim some credit for bringing in the notion to the Tax Commission of green taxes not being revenue-neutral, but Chris has picked up this theme and run with it. It’s a big shift (and of course some effective green taxes would raise rapidly-decreasing amounts – if they work!) but a hugely effective one and just the sort of thing a Lib Dem leader needs to get airtime. I think he and I don’t want to prejudge the outcome of the Commission too much – suffice to say that if you think James a bruiser, then watch the encounters I’m about to have with Cable, Laws, Marshall et al!

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