For Huhne the Bell Tolls

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I’ve been asleep all day, so I was more than a little surprised to wake up to learn that the YouGov Mk 2 poll had been published with Huhne in front.

Let’s not get too carried away here. The margin of error here is at least 5%. My instincts tell me that right at this moment, Campbell is still the front runner. But there is no doubt that this poll, being published tonight, with Question Time on this evening (which on past performance, Huhne will do very well at), and so many members delaying casting their vote until that programme, isn’t going to boost Huhne’s chances.

Campbell has finally adopted the strategy he should have been using for the past month: bash Cameron and in doing so highlight his inexperience. The problem is, why waste a month with all this “I have a Time Machine” nonsense, and it is notable that he has only adopted it now that Blair and Brown have started using it.

We need a leader who sees an opportunity and goes for it, and on that basis Huhne clearly wins hands down. Nick Clegg seems to think that is an appalling attribute for a leader; this makes me less and less convinced that he will ever be leader himself.

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