Drinking Games 2

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“Mark” is accusing me of using dodgy stats in my last post.

Well, to a certain extent they are, as I wasn’t able – and am still unable – to find the specific document that Oaten and Channel 4 were referring to. But his point about overall levels is a good one, so let’s look at them:

Year Total violent crime (‘000s) …of which in/around pub/club …of which perpetrated by someone under influence of alcohol
1995 4256 809 1702
2004/5 2412 531 1158
%age change -43% -34% -32%

Conclusion: alcohol and pub related violent crime has fallen, but at a slower rate than violent crime overall. Indeed, there is clearly room for improvement here, but I have to say, having done the number crunching, it makes Mark Oaten and the Lib Dem front bench’s case look even weaker.

Out of control my arse.

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