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I’ve been asked to plug the new Lib Dem Anti ID Cards.

Happy to do so, but this is a blog and so people will forgive me if I make a few comments.

Firstly, please can we move away from the idea within the party that petition=campaign. I get so despairing because the Party’s Campaigns Department really seems to think that is all they need to do. It looks especially poor given the quality of the NO2ID site.

Secondly, could it not feature a bit of news on it about what the party is actually doing on ID cards? It is remarkably content-free.

The Lib Dems need to embrace single issue campaigning outside of election time and through it develop a supporters network. But that means running as effective single issue campaigns as NGOs, not a vague approximation.

1 thought on “Lib Dem ID campaign

  1. Ouch! You’re right that campaigns don’t just equal online petitions – which is why, for example, there’s a very comprehensive campaign pack for local parties.

    The petition on the website is only one part of the overall campaign, but one that I’m sure will grow in importance as more is added to it.

    For example, there are now far more “other ways to help” on the website than “just” signing a petition – and information about what we’ve achieved in Scotland and Wales on the issue will be added shortly. The website’s not a cut and dried product, but an ever-evolving tool. If you think there’s more that should be on it now – why not give some further positive suggestions?

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