Sample Letter

We need this march to be a big success. So, if you plan to be there, why not encourage people in your area to attend as well?

Below is a sample letter for publication in a local newspaper. Adapt and personalise as you see fit. If you are aware of any local organisations providing transport, you might want to add their details (for a list, see www.stopwar.org.uk/coach.asp)

Dear Editor,

The Liberal Democrats do not believe that there is sufficient evidence to date to justify pre-emptive aggression against Iraq. As Charles Kennedy has said "we are being bulldozed into a war not of our choosing and - on the evidence to date - not in our interests."

Following Charles's lead, the Party's Federal Executive has now issued formal call for all members to attend the Peace Marches on February 15th to demonstrate the depth of our concern. If any local members or members of the public wish to march with local [Bloggstown] Liberal Democrats, we are meeting outside the Royal Festival Hall at 12 noon and joining the main march at 12.30pm.

The dangers of massive civilian casualties from the onslaught or of inflaming international terrorism implicit in the Blair/Bush determination to go to war are too frightening for us to stand aside.

Be there. yours sincerely

[Jo Bloggs]

Parliamentary Spokesperson [Bloggstown] Liberal Democrats


You can download a sample banner by going to: www.cix.co.uk/~niles/tshirt-NIMN2.pdf.