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The orgy of the plug-ins

As promised earlier, I’ve added a number of plug-ins to my site:

Hmmm… doesn’t look much like an orgy, does it? In my defence I was going to add a couple more but I didn’t find anything I really liked.

Knock yourselves out!

Back again

Apologies if you’ve noticed my blog acting rather strangely this evening. What I thought would be a five minute upgrade job turned into a total nightmare thanks – I think – to the rather unreliable wireless network I’m reliant on these days. There are still some odd glitches, but I’m not sure if they are due to missing files or the latest version of WordPress being rather glitchy. Anyone else had any problems since moving to 2.1?


I was trawling for WordPress Plugins at work last week, and came up with some goodies:

  • Ultimate Tag Warrior is something I’ve had on this blog for a while now, but it’s taken me until this week to discover its potential. It isn’t just good for generating things like tagclouds, which is nice but not desperately exciting – it can also be used for generating “related posts” lists, such as the ones that now adorn the bottom of all my posts.
  • Social Bookmarks allows you to add links to a variety of social bookmarking websites such as Technorati and del.icio.us. Simple but effective.
  • WP-Amazon allows you to generate “associates” links to Amazon extremely simply. Great for making the political party of your choice a bit of pocket change.