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Social bookmarking-a-go-go

You’ll have noticed that I’ve got rather carried away with social bookmarking “vote” buttons (to the right if you are reading the blog at source). Why? Well, LibDig has been a small success but I’m keen to explore how to what extent I can use these things to widen my blogs’ reach. I started experimenting with Politigg and I’ve brought that back. But I’ve also added buttons for Wikio and Digg.

What’s interesting with the other two is that although I’ve been aware of both for some time, I’ve never used them in the same way that I take LibDig for granted. The reason is that they seem like too big a pool to dip into. Unless you are already established, you sink in them like a stone (this is more true of Digg, but then Digg appears to get used far more). My question is, can a good rating on one website lead to popularity on another? It remains to be seen.

Another thing I’ve done is to automatically not include Politigg and LibDig buttons for my non-political posts, which is why neither appear to the side of this post!

It’s interesting how there appears to be a Digg divide, incidentally. I can’t find a single post by either Iain Dale or Guido Fawkes on the site, despite their popularity in the UK political blogosphere and despite the former, at least, having Digg buttons on his posts. How does one break into it, I wonder?

Politigg – should it stay or should it go?

I’ve been experimenting with Politigg for a few days now and am currently in the happy position of dominating most of its pages. But that isn’t really much use if the reason is that no-one else uses it. So what do people think? A bad idea entirely? I should promote a social bookmarking site but not this one? Anyone else willing to experiment?

I’ve added a poll in my sidebar, but what I’d really like from people is comments to this post.


For a trial basis I’ve added Politigg buttons on my blog posts. Although I have a ShareThis hoojamaflip at the bottom of my posts from which you can use any standard social bookmarking website, it doesn’t appear to generate much usage and the appeal of Politigg is that is specifically focuses on politics, which is my field (I’ll add a “geekigg” button as well should one become available).

The problem I have with all these social bookmarking websites is that there are so many of them. With no gold standard, it gets a bit frenetic. So whether I stick with Politigg depends entirely on whether others do the same.

UPDATE: One thing I should add though is that I am intrigued that under ‘political parties’ Politigg offers you the choice of the Libertarian Party and the English Democrats, but not the SWP, Respect or any other established hard left party (no NI parties either). So it is clear where the developers are coming from!