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Brian Coleman: Blinging Idiot and the new power behind the throne?

Julian H reports a rather bizarre Mandelson-style acceptance speech from the foul-mouthed, chain-obsessive excuse for Barnet and Camden’s GLA member. The most under-reported aspect of this election is the fact that as the Tories have more than a third of Assembly seats, the new Mayor will be accountable to the Tory Assembly Group not the Assembly itself.

Coleman and co ran on a manifesto they did not agree a single word with. However nice and cuddly Bozza himself might be, they will spend their time trying to drag him in the opposite direction. On the positive side, it is hard to see Coleman being able to restrain himself over the next few years. He’s done a pretty good job at convincing most people who watch London politics that he is a dangerous idiot. With Johnson’s win he may find his antics now get rather more attention on the national stage.