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What film should I watch?

Empire Magazine has published its Top 500 all time greatest films. Some surprises, and there are inevitable problems with popular polls purporting to list timeless classics – The Dark Knight is ranked surprisingly highly for example. But as with all of these polls, I thought I’d go down the list and see which films I haven’t seen.

I actually do quite well, having seen 41 out of the top 50 and 69 of the top 100 (I gave up after that), but there are some embarrassing gaps in my film knowledge. The problem is time – I can only see so many films at a time.

So, I thought I’d see what the readers here think. My latest poll is a list of the ten most highly ranked films that I haven’t seen. Your job is to tell me which one I should watch ASAP. I will then do so (hopefully you will select one of the three already sitting on my shelf). For extra homework, I’d like you to explain your choice in the comments below.

That is all. Thank you.