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Justice for Aston!

As we all know, no Labour candidate is ever guilty of anything and Labour stands by them, even if they admit to making homophobic smears in court (“but I technically didn’t call ‘im a nonce, guv!“). So I wonder what they will make of this.

Actually, I already know that. The official Labour response at the end of the film dismissed the whole thing out of hand on the basis that it was cooked up by the political opponents and depended on the account of a drug addict. So no denial there then.

Hat tip: John Hemming.

Pravdale calms the storm

Pravdale has intervened in Shappgate:

This all seemd a bit odd to me so I went to the horse’s mouth and have got a categoric denial that Grant did anything of the sort. It appears that he had a very easily guessable password on his Youtube account (it was 1234 !!!) and someone hacked into it.

Phew! That’s a relief! And – ha ha ha! – “1234”? Who’dathunkit? More sinisterly, a CCO spokesperson states:

We will be monitoring the account carefully and can’t rule out the activities of our opponents.

You see? It’s all a plot by the Lib Dems. That’s right – we’ve got a mole out there who is going around typing comments on blogs and YouTube (I would refer you again to the resemblance of GrantShapps’ comment and “Des Gray“) claiming we can’t win.*

In any case, it can’t be true that Pravdale and Tim Ireland have been in contact with Grant Shapps today as he is clearly too busy. I emailed him more than 24 hours ago about his activists admitting to stealing out of Ealing residents’ letterboxes and he hasn’t replied yet.

Simple question dear readers: does this explanation sound remotely credible?

Just assuming it is true though, would you trust a man who uses “1234” as his password with running an election campaign? For that matter, would you trust a man who uses “1234” as his password to tie his own shoelaces?

* Seriously, don’t you think the Tories would have got tired of making unfounded allegations by now?

Shappy happy videos on YouTube shocker

Strangely, Grant Shapps hasn’t replied to my email yesterday. Possibly this is because he is busy posting fake messages up on YouTube.

Spot the difference:

Okay, realistically we’re not going to win though. Especially since the Tories have just received 5 defecting Councillors from Labour. Don’t quite know how they’ve done it, but the Tories have stolen a march on us this time. (GrantShapps)

And they didn’t switch to us? Let’s admit it, guys, we’re not going to win this one (Sedgefield maybe?). This contest is, sadly, between Labour and Tony Lit (the Tory chap). It’s certainly put me off from going there. Who’s running our campaign? (“Des Gray“)

I thought Grant Shapps took a hard line against “dirty tricks”?

Meanwhile, and at the risk of sounding like a Childrens’ TV presenter, one of our viewers sent us this picture:
Mastercard advert

From the party that brought you “Mark Hunter is a rapist”

We are to believe, of course, that there is no smoke without fire. So, with that in mind, it is entirely possible that Grant Shapps has dredged up some disgruntled lunatic who will testify that the Lib Dems run secret poster lotteries.

Of course, for it to be actually true, you’d have to be able to find some actual evidence. An entry form, for example, or some promotional literature. The alternative theory is that the entire thing was run by word of mouth and that people were putting up posters purely because someone who they had never met before assured them sufficiently that they were “on the list”. All sounds quite fanciful doesn’t it?

Of course, the Tories are well versed in the use of the groundless smear. People will recall that in 2005, they put out a leaflet in the Cheadle by-election which strongly implied that the Lib Dem candidate (and now MP) was a rapist. You would have thought that after that little trick backfired (even Conservative Home condemned it), they’d be a little cautious about playing similar games in future. Clearly not.

Balls to Morley and Rothwell

An interesting twist on the recent announcement by Colin Challen that he won’t be restanding in Morley and Rothwell, in order to spend more time with his vegetables. I understand from a reliable source that he is incredibly bitter about what he perceives to be a dirty tricks campaign waged by Balls’ team over the past few weeks, which hit fever pitch when rumours began circulating (helpfully boosted by secret Balls admirer Guido Fawkes) that he had made up stories about him falling off his bike.

My bid to raise funds for Ed Balls’ sex change operation failed late last year. Fortunately for him, all women shortlists are at the discretion of the Labour NEC which judiciously (ab)uses them to help the “right” sort of candidate such as Balls, and exclude the “wrong” candidates such as Peter Law. Is it any wonder why people are so cynical about them?