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Animal charities at it like cats and dogs

This is one of the most dispiriting things I have read in a long time. I don’t begrudge animal charities, but neither do I deem them worthy of my hard-earned cash. The decision of the Scottish SPCA to launch this broadside suggests a complete lack of perspective. Is it really the case that people only give money to an animal charity in the clear understanding that the money will only be spent in a specific country? I’m having visions of the Chief Executive of the SSPCA pissing along Hadrian’s Wall to mark out his territory.

If the RSPCA have indeed been launching raiding parties over the border, then tut tut. Surely they are capable of resolving this cordially without engaging in megaphone diplomacy? All this highlights is that dubious value of having two seperate charities in the first place.

Fundamentally, if the animal charities can’t behave themselves, might I suggest you gift your money to something more deserving?

UPDATE: It would appear that the SSPCA have had run ins with other charities before.

I salute our new cetacean overlords

If they can learn this after a bit of time in captivity, imagine what might have happened if someone had inadvertantly told them about our system of commerce? With the credit crunch being what it is, they’d have control of the economy within weeks!

UPDATE: Okay, so not all cetaceans are clever. Geez! And to think these bozos are meant to save our asses in the future.