Snipes on a Plane

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The generous interpretation is that Clegg, like both Kennedy and Ashdown before him, needs to fight a general election before he can expect to acquire a decent public profile. Broadly speaking, I happen to still believe that. But while Clegg, the odd blip aside, isn’t the liability his opponents might wish him to be, thus far he has failed to be much of an asset either. In lieu of having much to bring to the table himself, he depends on the goodwill of his team. Mouthing off in public like this can only sap that.

1 thought on “Snipes on a Plane

  1. I only came here because the title suggested that there would be some kind of aerial vampire hunting involved, or at least that our Wes had escaped (hopefully on a prison plane also loaded with John Malkovich and Nic Cage).

    You bitterly, bitterly disappointed me, James 🙁 I want my money back!

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