Daily Archives: 12 October 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Should Irfan Ahmed have to pay for what he did?

What is one to make of Irfan Ahmed. As a blogger he has risen from obscurity to become one of the top “celebrities” in the Lib Dem blogosphere. As a person, I know very little of him other than the fact that he lives in Preston and doesn’t like Saj Karim very much. Reading his blog recently, I was particularly struck by this quote:

This is a great point that was made by David as this is definitely what the Electorate is going to look at. They want a Prime Minister and Government that can offer them a good economic package that would benefit the ordinary person and big business, they don’t want a leader or government that will talk and talk about family life and rule out the economy.

Possibly the most exciting thing to discover is that he …

What? You’re still here? Sorry, nothing to see here, I was just hoping to get into the Lib Dem Voice Golden Dozen next week and this seemed like the best way to do it.