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You’ve probably already read Danny Alexander’s attempt to clarify Nick Clegg’s position on tax cuts and Paul Holmes’ riposte to it. For the record I’m nothing like as sceptical as Paul Holmes is about tax cuts. I only ask for two things – that we are prudent and that we are clear about what we’re doing. For possibly the first time in my life that puts me on the left of a debate, which is at least novel.

Joshua Vincent has written a factinating comment on yesterday’s links post about Land Value Taxation in Namibia.

Alexandra Runswick reports from yet another seminar about the Government’s Statement of Values initiative.

Matt Damon asks some pertinent questions about Sarah Pailin (hat tip: James Schneider).

Finally, and also on YouTube, this video made me laugh out loud. I have to admit I’ve been following sxephil for a couple of weeks and he is starting to grow on me.

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