Science: not to be sniffed at

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Ignatz and Krazy KatWhat’s the bloody use in a mouse that can catch a cold? Why don’t scientists do something more useful, or at least more ironic, such as engineering a mouse that can catch a cat?

4 thoughts on “Science: not to be sniffed at

  1. No, I’m not trying to be funny. I really do want scientists to genetically engineer giant, super-intelligent mice which can catch cats, and unleash them upon the world.

    What part of my post made you think I was joking?

  2. No, I of course took that as serious, who wouldn’t want that to happen, as well as tap dancing spiders.

    I of course meant apparently not seeing the benefits of giving mice a cold, though perhaps I should feel sheepish now 😛

  3. Scientists should definitely be more attuned to the needs of this nation’s satirists, who after the floods of the Blair years, are facing a serious drought of good material to work with.

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