Daily Archives: 21 November 2007

Clegg or Huhne? Quaequam Blog! comes off the fence

Leaving aside the superficial similarities, what emerges are two very different personalities coming at this campaign at a very different point in their lives and focusing on very different priorities. Huhne invokes Bill Clinton when he states that it’s the economy (stupid); Clegg talks about how the economy-focused politics of the 1970s and 80s are now long dead and buried. Huhne talks about devolution, of bringing government closer to people; Clegg talks about empowerment, of giving people more direct control over the public services they use.

Huhne talks about raising spending-per-pupil to public school levels within two parliaments; Clegg talks about raising spending on poorer students to public school levels within a single parliament. Huhne talks about how a single event – such as a mild winter in Canada and a drought in Australia – could ensure that the environment shoots up the public’s list of priorities; Clegg talks about meeting the public’s concerns about our environmental policies head on in the hear and now. Huhne wants to talk about Trident; Clegg would rather talk about son of Star Wars.

Which way do I jump? You’ll have to go to Comment is Free to find out.