The new flag for a vassal state?

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Governance of Britain LogoMillennium reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to blog about for a while now.

The Ministry of Justice’s Governance of Britain initiative now has a logo (pictured). Is it my imagination or does it look rather like an airstrip?

Given Gordon Brown’s avowed Atlanticism and scandalous adoption of Son of Star Wars by press release, is this the sign of things to come, perhaps?

3 thoughts on “The new flag for a vassal state?

  1. “1984”.

    Remember that in “1984” Orwell calls Britain Airstrip One. So, the truth is out eh?……

    War is Peace (Iraq), Freedom is Slavery (ID Cards), Ignorance is Strength (worsening educational standards and keeping people in the dark over the HMRC fiasco).

    Perhaps they will go the whole hog and rename the Ministry of Justice?

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