EXCLUSIVE: Dr Harris comes out for Huhne

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Following last night’s Question Time hustings, Evan Harris MP has come out for Chris Huhne:

“I have known Chris Huhne for over 20 years as a political campaigner, journalist, businessman, MEP and leading party spokesman. He was SDP candidate in Oxford West and Abingdon in 1987 when his energetic campaign paved the way for my gaining the seat 10 years later. He has lost none of his energy, as he showed last night on Question Time. Both candidates are very effective communicators but I have been particularly struck by Chris Huhne’s commitment to ensuring that the Liberal Democrats remain a progressive and radical party. He is committed to social justice as a top priority and to the protection of equitable access to public services.”

Possibly not the greatest of coups ever, but Evan certainly has his fans within the party and is nobody’s fool. I haven’t seen Question Time yet, although it does seem to have been somewhere between a win for Huhne or a score draw, as the (relatively impartial) Liberal Conspiracy summary seems to confirm.

By the way Team Clegg, feel free to leak me stuff as well! 🙂

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