Facebook: in God’s name why?

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I’ve just found that when you type the word “procrastinating” in your Facebook status update, the website adds a space before the “g” at the end for no apparent reason. Why is this?

By the way, if you got a dictionary out and looked up “procrastinating” this blog post would be there.

UPDATE: The space is gone. What is this crazy shit? Is the government sending radio signals in my brain again?

UPDATE 2: It’s back again! See below:

Facebook Screenshot which clearly shows a space before the g in the word procrastinating

And now it’s gone again:

Facebook screenshot a couple of minutes later - the space has gone!


6 thoughts on “Facebook: in God’s name why?

  1. Is there some really subtle or postmodern joke in this post that I’m not getting? Your blog is inside the dictionary on my bookshelf??

  2. No. My biscuit joke is subtle and postmodern. This post is relatively straightforward. Try it if you don’t believe me (that is, the typing of procrastinating on Facebook not the dictionary thing).

  3. It;’ likely to be some minor bug in the computer program which makes this work, maybe whoever wrote it took a shortcut which means it doesn’t always deal correctly with words of 15 of more characters.

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