Daily Archives: 7 October 2007

Tooth Review: 1556 & 1557 (obligatory spoiler warning)

A double helping this week due to illness and the conference season.

Prog 1556Cover (1556): A fantastic black, white and pink affair by Frazer Irving of the Hitman’s Daughter. The juxtaposition between the grown up assassin and the frightened child she used to be adds a level of poinancy to the image which might otherwise appear too stylised.

Prog 1557Cover (1557): Dredd, old school style, courtesy of Keeper of the Flame Rufus Dayglo (2000AD was 2.0 before 2.0 was invented – the fans have been the content generators for some time now). An eye-catching image with a slogan with an obvious-but-fun Star Wars reference. Continue reading Tooth Review: 1556 & 1557 (obligatory spoiler warning)