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The Guardian Guide’s gone comics mad, with a cover and article by Bryan Talbot outlining the history of British comics and a nostalgic article by Charlie Brooker who, it turns out, drew for Oink! (I never knew that!).

Both of these are to tie in with a new BBC4 series called Comics Britannia, which starts on Monday by looking at the Beano and the Dandy. The programme makers must have been bribing Farringdon Road because in addition to those two articles it is listed as Monday’s pick of the day and Number 2 in their Top 50 of must-see shows to watch this autumn. Phew! The fact that it is presented by Armando Iannucci is another definite plus.

It turns out that the series’ website is full of little gems including interviews with Alan Moore and Leo Baxendale, a quiz (I scored 9/10) and a contest to see who is Britain’s favourite comic character.

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