Daily Archives: 6 September 2007

Save Our Bubbly

Given the success of the Bring Back Wispa campaign, I am perplexed as to why my Save Dairy Milk Bubbly campaign has thus far failed to elicit much support. Surely the time is ripe for a nostalgia campaign, now that it is on its way out? Given how excitable people get, I’m surprised no-one (apart from me, obviously) has started bemoaning how our 21st century traditions are under threat.

Dairy Milk Bubbly has one thing over the Wispa – ridges. It’s a sure sign of progress. Frankly, I’m amazed that Richard Dawkins hasn’t already started charging from the barricades. Plus, I’m sure a Scot must have been involved in the decision somewhere down the line (a Welsh woman has already been outed) – how come the English Nats aren’t up in arms?

Conservative Party to make Novel Use of the Mr Berners-Lee’s Marvellous Invention

Is it me, or does this story look like its come through a timewarp?

Tories push online ads campaign

The Conservatives say they are adopting a “fresh approach” to politics with a pre-conference advertising campaign that will run exclusively online.

If this had been a story published at any point during the last century, then it might have been newsworthy. But in 2007? On a not-particularly slow news day?

Who has Andy Coulson been sleeping with to get this kind of coverage?