The Great Documentary Swindle

What’s the link between Queen Elizabeth II and sun spots? The production company RDF, according to Tony Juniper: I was more than a little interested to learn that both ITV and the BBC have decided to suspend the commission of programmes from independent programme-maker RDF Television. I came across this outfit back in 1997, when… Continue reading The Great Documentary Swindle

BNP plan to run away

Hilarious story in the Observer: A few miles from the historic southern Croatian town of Knin lie 1,100 hectares of farmland and a couple of abandoned buildings. A tributary from the river Krka runs through the lush countryside nestled close to the sun-drenched Adriatic coast. It is a tranquil place, one that would make an… Continue reading BNP plan to run away

Tories hit self destruct button. Again.

Excellent analysis of Cameron’s woes in the Sunday Telegraph today. What I find endlessly fascinating is the Conservative Party’s almost limitless capacity for self-destruction. Even when Campbell was having trouble a couple of months ago, the limit of dissent was a couple of bloggers shooting their mouths off. By contrast, at least 2, possibly 6… Continue reading Tories hit self destruct button. Again.