Lembit must resign!!!

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Seriously, although I am of course referring to his leadership of the party rather than is status as MP for Montgomeryshire. It’s nothing personal, but as I said last week, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats can’t be a separate post from the party’s Shadow Welsh Secretary in the Commons and the Leader of the Assembly Group. And, while I consider the Plaid-Labour coalition to be the best option for Wales under the circumstances, it is a coalition that will quite probably be measured in months rather than years. The new Welsh Party leader needs to have his or her feet under the table before it all goes pear-shaped.

Frankly, I’m a bit surprised he hasn’t already quit. We should possibly give him the benefit of the doubt and leave it until after the by-elections (it might cause a distraction otherwise), but really does need to happen soon. If he hasn’t jumped by the 23rd, I may have to start getting shouty.

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