When is a boycott not a boycott?

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You spot some funny things on Facebook. Today, I come across the group “Boycott Channel Four Advertisers“:

To boycott any company that advertises during the ‘Diana in the Tunnel’ programme. If Channel uses the photo of Diana dying the then advertisers who appear during the advert breaks should be boycotted.

Er, except that to know who is advertising on it, one would have to watch the programme, wouldn’t one? Something tells me this is the latest brainchild of a Channel 4 executive.

3 thoughts on “When is a boycott not a boycott?

  1. If you feel so strongly about it, you could always boycott Channel 4, which funnily enough would have an impact on their advertising revenue if enough people did likewise. Just a thought!

  2. Ah but I don’t feel strongly about it. I fully intend to watch the documentary.

    You don’t by any chance have moderating rights on Lib Dem Voice? My comments are getting stuck in moderation for some reason. Bloody annoying when I’m trying to interact with all my fans!

    Good to see you on 18DS last night.

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