Funny terrorist

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Is it just me and my prejudices, or is Gerry Adams writing a funny article about the trials and tribulations of being a candidate, without mentioning the Ireland question at all, utterly bizarre? This from a man who is still regarded by many as nothing more than a terrorist.

I’m not having at go at him, indeed I would encourage more of the same. For me it is significantly more symbolic than that stilted photo of him and Ian Paisley sitting together at Stormont for the first time. But the idea of Northern Irish politicians being ‘normal’ is going to take quite some getting used to. Reading it was like peering through into a parallel dimension. It’s good, but it does feel odd.

1 thought on “Funny terrorist

  1. I had the same feeling when I read the article. It was like peering into an alternative universe where the troubles never happened.

    You’re left with the bizarre thought that Gerry Adams might have been the Steve Pound of Northern Irish politics if he hadn’t lived in such unusual times.

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