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I’ve been wondering all day whether to post this but, notwithstanding the possibility that I’m doing exactly what the bastards want me to do, I can’t resist.

In short: this Information Revolution malarky – just what are the fuckers trying to sell me? Having been infuriated by all the tube adverts over the past week, I finally went to their website after seeing it advertised on another site. I might as well have not bothered as I’m still in the dark.

What we do know, is that they have a thing about Google, making the stark claim that the fact that “75% of people in the UK access their online information through one source” is scary, Big Brother stuff, akin to watching just one TV channel for news, or relying on just one newspaper.

In fact, most people DO watch just one TV channel for news and read just one newspaper. I don’t personally do the latter, but that’s because I have Google News to help me (sinister, sinister…). I rarely rely watch TV news at all these days, but when I do I almost entirely watch Newsnight and News 24 for the simple fact that they tend to be on when I get home and the latter doesn’t have the annoying sensationalism of Sky News.

Clearly someone feels strongly about this though, and the website has a growing list of articles and films from ‘celebs’ and ‘ordinary people’. I use celebs in inverted commas because it boils down to John Bird, Peaches Geldof, a DJ and techy journalist I’m supposed to have heard of and some ugly band called The Scare, and I use ordinary people in inverted commas because, well, they seem just a little too well scripted. Fundamentally, all these people appear to have been locked in a darkened room and beaten strongly about the head until their vocabulary is limited to using the word ‘choice’ in every sentence. It’s like looking at a student disco circa 1995*.

So, who are these people? Well, the domain has been registered by Profero, a digital marketing agency. That doesn’t exactly tell me much. Presumably they are working on behalf of another search engine; either one of the existing ones, something new, or the one that Jacques Chirac wants to ram down our throats (I can’t recall what dreadful name they’re calling it, but Googaul sounds about right).

Or worse. Perhaps some gibbon has come up with a search engine that searches other search engines, and thinks this will now take the world by storm.

The bottom line is, Google has risen to its pre-eminent position because it works – simple as that. When someone comes up with something better, it will rise quickly. Faux-revolutionary marketing is, despite their faux-protestations, very un-web 2.0.

I really hate the sense of being manipulated though, and I’m aware that even getting this off my chest gives the bastards exactly the publicity they want. So can someone please tell me what it is about so I can begin work on the boycott?

* i.e. watching a bunch of zombies jumping in unison to the Levellers singing “there’s only one way of life – and that’s your own”.

4 thoughts on “Marketing balls

  1. If we didn’t have a choice about where we access online information then they would have a point. So 75% of people access their information through one source. I have two problems with that – Google hosts virtually no information. Yes it’s possible for them for filter it but the variety of opinions that any Google search throws up dashes that theory. Secondly, perhaps 75% of people use Google because they find it the best, quickest, most accurate search engine? Duh.

    I’m with you on this one!

  2. Truly bizarre…

    I notice the default search engine on their site is ‘ask’. Dunno if it has any relevence…

    I love your Levellers observation – I always felt the people who were most enthusiastic about that song were some of the most judgemental of others who didn’t conform to their standards. ‘There’s only one way of life, that’s your own (so long as we agree with it)’ always seemed to be more accurate…

  3. According to the comments, that marketing agency works for

    You mean they’ve gone from branding themselves as a snooty butler (AskJeeves as was) to Che Guevara? That tells you all you need to know about the vacuous twats at the top of the company.

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