Tom Hanks warned us this would happen.

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Roleplayer blurs fantasy with reality? Clearly Rona Jaffe was right.

Ban this filth now, or face losing your knickers.

7 thoughts on “Tom Hanks warned us this would happen.

  1. Jack Straw hasn’t been affected by his brother being a registered sex offender.

    I hope, if I’m ever elected ot anything, I’ll get away with my brother being a semi-professional Role-Play Games player. He’s thinking about turning completely Pro, you can in Vegas apparently.

  2. Actually, my brother’s just emailed me to say that this guy’s story was obviously rubbish because Shadowrun is a purely tabletop game (as any fool knows)…

    I hope the prosecution called suitable expert witnesses on the subject.

  3. You can make an LRP out of any tabletop game and there are numerous systems knocking about to help you do that. So, he could have been telling the truth.

    I am deeply disturbed by your revelation of professional roleplaying. How do the economics of it work?

  4. Tournament prize-money is most of it. I think he just gets a few hundred for competitions in this country (there was something big in High Wycombe recently) but I think he won quite a bit more than that at something in Sweden last year.

    I don’t know how you go fully pro in the States. I imagine certain characters build up a major following and perhaps people pay to play with them??

    I’ll make some enquiries.

    You could probably do an interesting reality TV programme based on live role play, although reality is clearly not the right word…

  5. I imagine certain characters build up a major following and perhaps people pay to play with them??
    I would have thought that existing legislation to ban prostitution would make that illegal? Perhaps it is okay so long as they don’t solicit for play.

    I’m having visions of cards being left in phone boxes now (“cute elf seeks bearded muscular men for dungeon-oriented adventures. Must have own leather harness.” brr…).

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