Chris Lightfoot 1978-2007

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I was very sad to learn of the death of Chris Lightfoot last month.

When I first started blogging, Chris’ blog was compulsive reading and Chris himself was an occasionally useful ally. He had a razor-sharp intellect and an excellent sense of humour, and his posts were always a joy to read.

As time went on, my respect for him grew as he emerged as one of the leading lights behind the various MySociety projects such as WriteToThem and PledgeBank. I met up with him a couple of times in a work capacity with a view to developing a couple of projects, but they never went anywhere.

I can’t claim to have known him that well, but he was clearly a person of great skill and great integrity. We are all the poorer for his passing.

Tom Steinberg of MySociety and Phil Booth of No2ID, who knew him much better, have posted their tributes.

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