V. Brit. Wedge Strategy Redux

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Given the furore I caused last week by being rude about nationalists, I was somewhat disappointed that my piece about faith groups earlier in the week didn’t elicit at least one death threat.

However, I am extremely grateful to Jim Denham for providing me with some info on the ‘moderate’ Islamic scholar Azzam Tamimi, which has lead me to this story:

At the last Stop the War event, a Palestinian born Muslim scholar, Dr Azzam Tamimi of the MAB promised to give Israel “hell” in response to its military action.

Dr Tamimi, a supporter of Hizbullah, caused controversy in 2005 when he told the BBC that he supported Hamas suicide bombing and said he was willing to carry out a suicide mission himself.

Isn’t it a bit worrying that the rhetoric of a man like that is virtually indistinguishable from that of senior Anglican clerics?

6 thoughts on “V. Brit. Wedge Strategy Redux

  1. There’s nothing wrong with suicide bombing. It’s when they do it in crowded places that it’s a problem.

    Can’t somebody give him a bomb and drop him off in the New Forest, or on a remote island somewhere?

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