Daily Archives: 1 March 2007

Gains for the Alliance?

Potential good new for the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland.

According to Ipsos-Mori, they are up to 9% in the polls. Even with a large margin of error, that is good news for a party which languished on 3.7% last time, although they managed to hold onto their 6 seats.

Also interesting is the sudden appearance of the Greens, at 3%. While this could conceivably mean they get seats in their own right, it also suggests a rise in the overall non-sectarian vote which in theory should transfer.

Gongs for Galactic Groats

I’m not convinced that Alan Grant and Pat Mills’ politics would allow them to accept an honour, but this seems to be an entirely estimable exercise:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to award knighthoods to John Wagner, Pat Mills and Alan Grant, in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the great British comic, 2000AD.

Incidentally, I submitted a different 2000AD-themed petition nearly two weeks ago now. Does anyone know how long it generally takes for them to get back to you?

V. Brit. Wedge Strategy Redux

Given the furore I caused last week by being rude about nationalists, I was somewhat disappointed that my piece about faith groups earlier in the week didn’t elicit at least one death threat.

However, I am extremely grateful to Jim Denham for providing me with some info on the ‘moderate’ Islamic scholar Azzam Tamimi, which has lead me to this story:

At the last Stop the War event, a Palestinian born Muslim scholar, Dr Azzam Tamimi of the MAB promised to give Israel “hell” in response to its military action.

Dr Tamimi, a supporter of Hizbullah, caused controversy in 2005 when he told the BBC that he supported Hamas suicide bombing and said he was willing to carry out a suicide mission himself.

Isn’t it a bit worrying that the rhetoric of a man like that is virtually indistinguishable from that of senior Anglican clerics?