Blair is Gandhi in reverse

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It’s occurred to me that Tony Blair is living one of Gandhi’s maxims out, but in reverse.

First he won. Then people got angry with him. Now people are laughing at him. And then…?

3 thoughts on “Blair is Gandhi in reverse

  1. Firstly, sorry, probably wrong post to reply to but can’t find the right area to post my comments ….

    I can’t accept this guy (some scottish geezer) is our new Prime Minister – just been watching BBC News about these london bomb threats and he is not my elected prime minister – I feel like I’m living in a country that has been the victim of a coup. Apparently when blair got a standing ovation in the commons on Wednesday there were 2 who didn’t stand up – 2 scot nats ….. hmmmmm ….. I’m fairly sure that it was blair’s government who gave their nation the freedom they wanted eh ? What more do you want ? Your guys got the power this time so where is the referendum ? And yes, I know, we done it to you so why am I complaining ? I’m complaining just as you guys did quite rightly when we did it to you. From what I understand this scottish geezer is an MP from somewhere round Dundee – so, why the feck is he sitting in the English parliament ?? Never mind being the PM – call for a general English election immediately !!
    Let the scots have their own as they seem to want, let the welsh have their own as they deserve and let us english have our own.

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