Daily Archives: 28 February 2007

Not so friendly

Odd thing this facebook lark.

The other day, a dark horse from my past Peter ‘Conservative Commentary‘ Cuthbertson contacted me on it, requesting me to be listed as a ‘friend’. I obligingly did so, including some basic data about how we know each other (dating history, that sort of thing), only to find he has now de-listed me.

What was all that about then, Cuthie? Think you can just love me and leave me, eh?

I feel so used…

The Conspiracy Continues

The vast establishment conspiracy against UKIP now includes 3 of their own MEPs and disabled people.

I particularly loved this nice bit of spin:

“The association’s definition of a full candidate is someone who knocks on every door or leaflets every single house.

“Their definition of a paper candidate is someone who can’t do every house because it would put too much pressure on them.”

Former Ministerial Incompetence

What happens when a former Health Minister and Home Office Minister get together?

That’s right, they come up with a grandiose IT project that, um, doesn’t work.

(or at least, I’ve been trying to look at it for the past hour with no joy apart from briefly seeing a picture of some prepubescent girl looking through binoculars)

Seriously, does their one great contribution really amount to yet another bloody discussion website? If all Labour members needed was one of those in order to start having a meaningful debate, they’d have sorted all their problems long ago.