Daily Archives: 18 February 2007

How “soon” is now?

This non-story about Hazel Blears has been on the BBC website for over 36 hours now. Either she’s standing or she isn’t. Clearly some flunky got over-excited, blabbed all to the BBC and Blears had to march back down the hill at the last minute. All in all, it isn’t the best start to a campaign.

Back again

Apologies if you’ve noticed my blog acting rather strangely this evening. What I thought would be a five minute upgrade job turned into a total nightmare thanks – I think – to the rather unreliable wireless network I’m reliant on these days. There are still some odd glitches, but I’m not sure if they are due to missing files or the latest version of WordPress being rather glitchy. Anyone else had any problems since moving to 2.1?