Dr Death speaks

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Who the fuck is Lord Owen (that’s a rhetorical question)?

I ask because, having walked out on the SDP 19 years ago to form his own, ultimately Tory supporting sub-faction that proved less popular than the Monster Raving Loony Party, of all the people in the world less in a position to dole out advice on party matters, it is David Bloody Dr Death Owen.

Nobody asks Ron Davies for his opinion on who should be leader of the Labour Party – and if he made such a pronouncement it wouldn’t exactly be news. So why this loser?

3 thoughts on “Dr Death speaks

  1. You’re being a bit harsh: surely it takes a great deal of a particular kind of talent, determination and self-confidence to almost completely bugger up one party and completely bugger up a second.

  2. Is it ‘ex-leaders try to cause trouble’ week? David Steel was writing in the Guardian the other day about how he didn’t think there should be elections to the Upper House, and apparently Paddy was criticising the new Iraq policy last week.

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