Daily Archives: 11 September 2006

El Presidente

In my absence from the blogosphere, it would appear there has been fevered discussion about who should be the next Lib Dem President, with most people appearing to favour pretty much anyone but Simon Hughes. See Alex Wilcock and Liberal Review.

One name I haven’t seen mentioned much is David Rendel, yet he would appear to be superbly qualified (leaving aside Alex’s rule that it must be a woman): a non-parliamentarian (ex to be precise) with a good profile, and one who has been on both the FE and the FFAC this past year meaning that, unlike Simon, he wouldn’t start his tenure not having the first clue about how the party does its internal business.

The new Lib Dem Voice – which I’ve also only just become aware of – has a poll on the subject. Drop in and add your view. Well done to Rob Fenwick for setting this up.


Tommygate continues to bemuse. Is Watson the first minister to resign in order to spend more time with the Chancellor’s family?

The “cover story” – that Watson was merely visiting to give Brown’s baby a present – is so laugh-out-loud unlikely that it could actually be true – who would make up an alibi like that? On the other hand, its very unlikelihood could be purpose built to bamboozle us.

Watson is, of course, a past mater of the bamboozle, managing to portray the Hodge Hill by-election as a magnificent victory when the truth is it was a rout as far as Labour were concerned.

But one thing has become apparent from all this – none of the political correspondents have a clue who he is, with Jackie Ashley thinking he is a horny-handed Scottish trade unionist (instead of the lily-livered ex-student hack from the Midlands we all know), and Michael White calling him, of all things, a Brownite.