I’ll show you my conference if you show me yours

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I’ve added the main fringe meetings I plan to be going to onto flock together and added my personal feed from that website onto my sidebar. If you’re a Lib Dem blogger, why not do the same?

Personally, aside from the day job I’ll be busy promoting my chapter on intergenerational equity in Graham Watson/Liberator’s new pamphlet “Liberalism – something to shout about” (fringe meetings on the Sunday evening and Monday lunchtime) and I will also hopefully have an article printed in ALDC’s update of the Theory and Practice of Community Politics.

3 thoughts on “I’ll show you my conference if you show me yours

  1. Cool stuff.

    To aid people putting things on their blog, might it make sense to have a flag for the feed along the lines of ‘&showregisteredmeetingsonly=yes’ so that you can continue to track other meetings, but control what appeals on your blog?

    BTW, you’ve duplicated the LDO fringe!


  2. … the alternative is to continue to be relaxed about people having multiple identities on Flock Together… and let people control their ‘blog feed’ that way.


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