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Far too busy to blog at the moment, but I’ve been meaning to write this:

If you have already got a thing called an “A-list” and then you write another list, isn’t that list – by definition – a B-list?  Or perhaps the original list has been upgraded to the “A*-list”?

It just slightly bugs me, you know?  All those Conservative Associations that will now have to deal with B-list losers trying to pass themselves off as original, pure A-listers.  Whatever happened to good old-fashioned elitism in this country?  Sheesh!

3 thoughts on “A-thought

  1. Rampant grade-inflation if you ask me, what with the expansion of the original 100 to 200. Can we really trust these people to raise standards in our schools when the bar gets lowered to Iain Dale at the first sign of moaning about fairness?

  2. If your local Tory party select a candidate who is not on the original A-list, it seems to me that you are perfectly entiled to say “Conservative Party say their candidate is second rate”.

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