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Helen Adams: Give young people a stake in the homeowner democracy

Helen AdamsCan I just say how important it is that sites such as HandsOffOurFuture are here to remind everyone that there is a huge population of people who will be driving the economy over the next three decades but as far as I can see they will be suffering taxation without representation.

My business is in helping young people on to the housing ladder and from what the hundreds of young people we advise each month are telling me they don’t have a stake in our homeowning democracy.

The first thing to realise is how important it is to make housing affordable. Continue reading Helen Adams: Give young people a stake in the homeowner democracy

Lord Levy – twisted firestarter?

Superb “do you know who I am?” outrage continues to belch forth from Lord Levy.

I had a letter published in the Guardian today, but my poor grammar (combined with their editing) let me down somewhat. So, here is the director’s cut:

Notwithstanding the police’s decision to arrest Michael Levy (Honours scandal reaches door of Downing Street, July 13), the fact remains that even if he was is guilty, Yates of the Yard will have his work cut out to actually prove it. Is this the sort of thing that Tony Blair was talking about when he lamented that we are stuck with 19th-century laws to police 21st-century crime? Maybe he should lead by example and have Lord Levy locked up regardless?

Secondly, Jonathan Calder’s reminder about the unfortunate incident of Lord Levy’s office catching fire just before the loans-for-peerages scandal broke out, reminded me of another anecdote:

I have it on good authority that his interview at Colindale Police Station on Wednesday was disrupted by a nearby building site literally exploding. Fire seems to break out at extremely convenient times for him. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Never mind Alvin Stardust… has he ever produced for The Prodigy, of Firestarter fame?

I’m sure that any resemblance between Lord Levy and Drew Barrymore is entirely coincidental.