21st century crime

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One thing that puzzles me… the Prime Minister is dead keen changing the “rules of the game” when tackling organised crime so that circumstantial evidence leads to presumption of guilt. Last time I looked, the circumstantial evidence that he has been accepting payment for peerages was mounting pretty high. Does he think the same standard of proof should apply to himself or should it just apply to people wearing stripy tops and masks carrying bags marked “swag”?

3 thoughts on “21st century crime

  1. If Inspector Knacker can’t find criminal standard of proof that tony sold peerages then perhaps he could just apply for an ASBO? (balance of probabilities as opposed to “beyond reasonable doubt”)

    A 500 metre exclusion zone around the House Of Lords would do and of course he could be arrested and banged up if he breaches.

    Would make PMQ’s interesting.

  2. Blair also seems to think that anti-social behaviour and public drunkenness (hmm, not sure how many Ns in that) are new, as if everyone before the 21st century was a scion of sobriety. Looking back through records of old quarter sessions in centuries past indicates that anti-social behaviour is nothing new.

  3. I know Magistrates’ where they really might be persuaded to give an ASBO in those circumstances.

    If a campaigning organisation wanted to compile suitable evidence I would most certainly be prepared to present the case in court on a pro bono basis.

    (remember: Labour has made hearsay admissable in obtaining ASBOs, that HoL upehld that one, see Lord Hutton’s judgment in R v McCann sub nom Manchester Crown Court).

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