Oh for the mings of a dove

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For some reason, Tony Greaves‘ increasingly splenetic outbursts about Ming Campbell bring to mind Brian Blessed. It’s the beard and sandals.

This raises questions. Who, for instance, does this make Prince Barin/Timothy Dalton?

And is Norman Lamb, Lord Kirkwood or whoever Ming appoints as his PPS, Klytus?

11 thoughts on “Oh for the mings of a dove

  1. I had Nick Clegg as Prince Barin. Julia Goldsworthy as Princess Aura? Teather as Kala? David Heath is Dr Zarkov.

    Any old excuse for me to shout “Gordon’s alive!” at random intervals.

  2. I’d love to see Nick Clegg with a spivvy moustache. Do you think we could persuade him? Maybe a petition?

  3. Look, it’s quite clear that as an aristocrat with a moustache, John Thurso is obviously Prince Barin. Plus, there are lots of forests in Caithness and Sutherland.

  4. There is of course a simple way to resolve this argument: whoever kills Peter Duncan gets to be Prince Barin.

  5. You’ve got it completely wrong.

    Ming = Dumbledore (the old wise doomed one)
    Clegg = Harry (the teacher’s pet)
    Goldsworthy = Hermione (the one who’s so brainy you don’t notice she’s also pretty)
    Huhne = Ron (the one who’s less interesting than the others but who spends a remarkable amount of time on camera despite that)
    Featherstone = Ginny (the small noisy one who’s far more interesting than Ron despite theoretically being less important)
    Lamb = The new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher (doomed, of course)
    Hughes = Lupin (the one with the secret that everyone seems to know)
    Cable = Snape (the scary one who stops you doing what you want)
    Opik = Neville (the one who falls off things)
    Cameron = Draco Malfoy (the posh villainous one who’s doomed to fail)

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