T’other Greaves Backs Chris

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Camp Campbell have been very vocal over the past few days to portray Chris Huhne as a closet social democrat. I therefore very much look forward to hearing them spin Bernard “theory and practice of community politics” Greaves’ endorsement.

5 thoughts on “T’other Greaves Backs Chris

  1. James, I’d have thought the Greaves thing was obvious – you need to get on to him now and tell him he is backing the wrong man and your guy has the monopoly on jejune social democrats. Oh, and you do realise the Darbyshires have come out backing your man?

  2. I do? I am? Sorry that you blokes don’t seem to take the knoackabout in good heart, but if I have offended, really, it wasn’t the intention. As for horse-shit – well, we don’t all always see the same way, you see….

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