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Latest Populus poll: CON 37%(+1) LAB 36%(-3) LD 18% (+2). The Lib Dems are doing well in the Dunfermline by-election stakes as well.

That stuff I said about Populus being unreliable earlier? I’d eaten some bad cheese, forget it. 🙂

Seriously, there are two good things about this poll. Firstly, journalists have rather more respect for Populus than me and will have noticed that we are starting to recover from our menses horribilis. Secondly, it confirms a growing realisation (based on other polls) that when we do badly, it is Labour who gain and vice versa. Cameron in other words is Gordon Brown’s problem; there is every reason to expect us to make serious gains next time round.

1 thought on “More good news

  1. James, those poll figures are very similar to the outcome of the February, 1974, General Election (which Labour “won”).

    The difference being that any of the three leadership contenders is an immeasurable improvement on Jeremy Thorpe!

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