Big Yellow Taxi

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Simon Hughes has grandly launched his online ehustings (although I note he still hasn’t answered the 5 questions put to him and the other candidates by Reflecting Britain), so I thought I’d submit this one:

Simon, you’ve made a big deal out of the environment and green issues in the campaign, yet you drive a diesel powered Taxi. Ming Campbell has said he will give up his Jag – are you prepared to put your money where your mouth is and give up your car?

Fair enough, Rob?

10 thoughts on “Big Yellow Taxi

  1. This again. What joy. I’m not sure hiding his Jag in his son’s barn until the election is over is the same as “giving it up”, but what the hey. You’ll see there’s a much later post in my blog where I state that I’ve already said the last I’ll say on this.


  2. By definition it can’t be rhetorical when you indicate a specific individual should respond to the question 🙂

  3. By definition it can be when the point you’re making (rhetorically, like) is that a certain individual asked a certain question.

    Bored now.

  4. Arent Diesels more energy efficient than Petrol cars? I have one and it does far more to the gallon than
    petrol which must equate to less carbon (something to do with compression ratio’s) , plus the engines
    last longer (mine clocked over 100K miles the other week after 6 years) thus saving on the eco costly
    process of building a new one.

    Sorry James, I am not deliberately seeking to disagree with everything you say. I have never met you
    as you left Leamington before I arrived, however everyone in my local party speaks highly of you.

  5. I had a Diesel that did 52 MPG some years ago. I quite fancy a Prius next…
    Not sure if we should get drawn into a ‘more greenier than tho’ debate.
    Perhaps we should ask the candidates how many low energy lightbulbs they have
    in their homes.

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