Catching up

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I’ve spent the last few days running a workshop in Cardiff. A lot of fun, a lot of ideas, some of which I may talk about here.

Haven’t been to The ‘Diff since 1999 and its interesting to see how it has changed, particularly the Bay area. The Millennium Centre in particular impressed me and I was disappointed not to get to see the new assembly buildings from the inside.

Delighted to see that Question Time will be holding a Lib Dem leadership hustings. Given the speed with which they announced the Any Questions programme, one presumes there has been a lot of frantic negotiations going on behind the scenes about this, and I like to think that the dozens of people who I encouraged to write in played a part.

Speaking of Question Time, for some reason it goes out in Cardiff 30 minutes later than anywhere else in the country. Apparently, this has something to do with the rift in time that it is understood to sit on.

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