Easy come, easy go

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I don’t really know what to add about Harold Elletson that I didn’t say before Chrimbo. My advice to the boys up top would be to kick him out before he defects; openly toying with the idea of joining another political party in the full glare of the media has got to count as a blatant attempt to bring the party into disrepute.

1 thought on “Easy come, easy go

  1. The notion of Elletson as some sort of significant figure is risible.

    But those MPs following the same (CCO) line of briefing about defections (unsaid: ‘…if [X] gets elected’) are equally culpable.

    The Mail (of all papers) names Cable, Lamb, Browne and Laws as the four most likely. The latter have roundly denounced this, the former in a very mealy-mouthed way.

    If I was feeling mischievous, I’d be accusing one of the leadership campaigns of dirty tricks. Hmmmm…. which one?

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