Defecting to oblivion

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Talking of defectors, here is Cameron’s first bona fide scalp: Adrian Graves.

Who? Well, this “prominent” member is apparently the 2005 candidate for Suffolk West. He works in PR, yet isn’t so much of an expert that he could be bothered to sort out a decent photo for the party’s website.

Ho hum. I’ve always found defections a rather torrid thing – I’ve criticised the party’s decision to accept Paul Marsden and Brian Sedgemore in the past. They always seem to have more to do with some personal affront and an individuals over-inflated ego than anything else (“Look! At me! Stabbing my ex-colleagues in the back! Now, can I have a job please?”).

Still, the good news is that’s one less white middle class male we have to worry about standing next time.

3 thoughts on “Defecting to oblivion

  1. Perhaps The Times should conduct a survey of LibDems, showing them Adrian Graves’s picture. I wouldn’t be surprised if less than 4% of the party know who he is…

  2. Well, we now know for certain that Cameron is NOT a “liberal”. He is in favour of forced labour for school-leavers (BBC website, yesterday).

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