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Is it just me or does Version 2.0 of WordPress suffer from feature creep? Maybe I’m just an HTML purist in my old age, but I’m really not getting on with its new post editing page!

Back to the grindstone…

6 thoughts on “Mini-Rant

  1. I agree. I think they’ve got one or two priorities wrong with WordPress at the moment. I can’t even get that wysiwyg post editor to work for me either! Not that I’d want it.

  2. First thing I did when I upgraded was turn that off! The only problem I’ve had since was not being able to find the image upload function – which of course turned out to be under my nose on the post page.

  3. I installed WordPress (for our local Lib Dem Website) just before they upgraded. Haven’t got the energy to change over now…. so your comments make me feel better …

  4. To be fair, now I’ve figured out how to disable the WYSIWYG editor, I’m a lot happier with it. Even more so now I’ve got a plugin that allows php hacks. 🙂

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