How to spot when a journalist doesn’t know what he’s talking about

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Shock! Horror! Could this be true?

But it was Mark Oaten who made arguably the greatest impact with an appeal to rank-and-file party members dismayed at the treatment of Mr Kennedy. The home affairs spokesman said MPs had “let down” ordinary Liberal Democrats and should apologise for their show of disunity.

Strange, that was the complete opposite of the impression I got. But then, Francis Eliot goes on…

Another senior Lib Dem MP, Mike Hancock,

You don’t really need to read any more. Apart from age, in what way is Mike Hancock a senior Lib Dem MP?

Hancock it transpires is a Hughes supporter. But Oaten is depending on him for getting nominated.

2 thoughts on “How to spot when a journalist doesn’t know what he’s talking about

  1. Very doubtful Oaten made the “greatest impact” – while the quote above is an accurate portrayal of what Oaten said, it was a clear clap-line, and nobody clapped.

  2. Oaten made a big impact on me – just not the one he would have wanted…

    I arrived on Saturday with an instinctive lack of confidence in him but no clear justification for it. I left with all the justification I needed.

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